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Car Detailing Service

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At Royal Touch Hand Car Wash we leave no stone unturned when it comes to hand washing automobiles. Our full service car detailing in Bergen County, NJ will take care of your vehicle and leave it in excellent condition.

Some customers may think that a hand car wash is sufficient. But in fact, auto detailing has a great deal of benefits:

  • Bye-bye Dirt – frequently using your car does more than just rack up the miles. The more time you spend in your vehicle, eating, smoking and leaving behind crumbs and other particles, the more bad smells and germs accumulate. When you get a NJ car detailing, we will shampoo and vacuum the interior of your automobile and leave it bacteria-free, disinfected and stain free.
  • Resale Value – when you are trying to sell the car, it pays to invest in detailing. The look and smell will vastly improve, thereby increasing your odds of successfully selling it.
  • Allergy Reduction – when we detail your vehicle we will also make sure to clean out the vents from which hot and cold air is blowing inside your car. By disinfecting the vents, the accumulated dust will be removed and asthmatics will have an easier time riding inside of it.

Our car detailing services in Bergen County, NJ, include shampooing the seats and carpets, thoroughly cleaning the interior, and three stages of cleaning the exterior: claying the car, using high-speed compound to remove scratches and then waxing the vehicle as well. Just because car detailing is a step-up from a basic wash, it does not have to burn a hole in your wallet. For more information, visit us today, and let our friendly staff help you out!