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Hand Car Wash

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Our NJ car wash company covers all the bases when it comes to keeping your car clean and in good condition. When your automobile gets a car wash by hand, it will be thoroughly shampooed, disinfected and deoderized. While automatic car washes are efficient and easy, taking the time out to get a hand car wash has its advantages:

  • Increased dirt removal – the lack of contact in an automatic car wash means that some parts of the car are bound to be missed. But when our team cleans your car by hand, they will notice more dirt and get rid of it.
  • Extra attention – unlike an automatic cleaning machine, when the Royal Car Wash staff cleans your car, we can pay extra attention to trouble spots, inspect the finish, and also identify if anything is not working properly.
  • Gentle Touch – automatic car washes can be abrasive and damage the paint. Hand washing your car reduces the likelihood that it will be scratched.

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